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Temperature Monitor Gold
TEMPer Gold temperature monitor is a new low cost solution to server overheating - a major cause of server, disc and software failure. By monitoring the temperature directly at the server, TEMPer Gold temperature monitor gives an instant response.

Room Temperature monitoring just isn't fast enough to respond to server hot spots. Used with PageR Enterprise software you can set multiple temperature thresholds with many different alert options.

Use it with PageR Enterprise or its own (free) desktop app.

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Instant Server Temperature Monitoring
TEMPer Gold USB Temperature Monitor

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TEMPer Gold - because room temperature monitoring just isn't fast enough to protect your servers from overheating !

TEMPer Gold bolted to server case
Server fans can fail and the CPU can overheat way before the room temperature monitor trips.

While your aircon keeps the room cool your servers could be frying !
TEMPer GOLD solves this problem by connecting directly onto the server or server rack for maximum thermal contact.

You can
1) plug it directly into any USB port
2) bolt it onto the server case or the server rack for a tight thermal connection.

A normal usb extender cable allows you to locate it anywhere.
Fan operation is key to server cooling.
Overheating sever

Overheating servers mainly due to fan failure are the major cause of servers going down. This problem can go unnoticed unless the correct type of temperature monitoring is installed. Temperature monitor devices must be thermally coupled to the server.

TEMPer GOLD monitors directly in the back of the server or bolted to the server case for instant response to overheating.

Summertime is danger time for your routers and servers

Warm ambient temperatures and overworked air conditioners can tip the server temperatures over the edge. Summer temperatures mean that its more important then ever to monitor temperature, particularly if there are fewer staff around to keep an eye on things.

Integrate with PageR Enterprise

PageR Enterprise 5.3 has a new monitored object for TEMPer GOLD, at no extra charge. If you do not use PageR Enterprise there is a new TEMPer GOLD edition which is supplied when you purchase the hardware.

TEMPer GOLD also has its own FREE desktop application called Temperature Monitor Gold. This FREE desktop app logs temperature readings and even has its own email alerting.

TEMPer Gold temperature monitor plugs into any of your server USB ports. Its perfect to monitor temperature in server racks. By using a USB extender cable you can monitor the temperature anywhere.

Download Pager Enterprise for TEMPer GOLD 
NOTE if you have PageR Enterprise support you don't need this download

TEMPer GOLD comes with its own software to display and log temperatures. For alerting you can use PageR Enterprise which has a special new TEMPer GOLD MO (Monitored Object).

Download TEMPer GOLD software (FREE LICENSE)

How TEMPer GOLD works with PageR Enterprise

PageR Enterprise provides a full monitoring and alerting system for TEMPer GOLD including VOICE alerts, text and email. PageR has a special NEW dedicated TEMPer Temperature Monitor Object to monitor any number of TEMPer GOLD devices across your network. Its easy to set up, just install the free CPL Agent on the network server(s) hosting TEMPer Gold and that will talk to the main PageR Enterprise server.

Data Logging

PageR logs temperature readings to a file which allows you to create temperature charts from the monitor readings.

Easy to Manage

PageR Enterprise software makes it easy to manage and control dozens of different temperature monitor devices such as TEMper Gold, Room Alert, TemPageR and Temp @lert on the network and over the internet.


All the clever alerting functions in PageR Enterprise are now available from the temperature monitor, for example TEXT to cell phones, Voice, email, Skype, Instant Messenger, Twitter, Broadcast etc.

For more info, please Contact Us.

This means you are not restricted to a single supplier and you can choose from the best temperature monitoring products and services available.

TEMPer Gold Monitor Object Setup in PageR Enterprise

TEMPer Sensor Object Add/Change

This screen is used to add/change TEMPer Sensor Monitored objects.


The TEMPer devices can be attached to a PC through a USB port or can be attached to a network. This monitored object can communicate with these devices and generate alerts when temperature and/or humidity is outside of limits you set.


This is a short label that is used to identify this Monitored Object.


This is an optional description of the monitored object.



Enables/disables the object for monitoring. Used to temporarily exclude an object from monitoring.



This is the Severity indicator for this object. It allows you to rank the importance of alarms on this object. The range is 0-9, with 0 as the most severe alarm condition.



This is the number of seconds that an alarm on this object must persist before alarm notification is performed. This should be equal to or greater than a multiple of the object or global interval.


Host System

Enter or select the name or IP address of the system on which CPL Agent resides or is a TEMPerLAN device.

Read Sensors

Click this button to read the TEMPer devices available on the target system (CPL Agent) or the list of probes available on a TEMPerLAN device. The configuration for each device/probe will be displayed when you click on an item in the Sensor list.



This is a list of TEMPer devices found on the target system (CPL Agent) or probes found on a TEMPerLAN device. Click on an item to display its configuration in the frame.



This is the TCP port used to communicate with CPL Agent or a TEMPerLAN device. The default for CPL Agent is 1086 and the default for TEMPerLAN devices is 5200. You must change this to 5200 to communicate with a TEMPerLAN device.


Time Out

This is the time in seconds to wait for responses from either CPL Agent or a TEMPerLAN device.



Check this box to interpret temperature readings on the Fahrenheit scale. The default is Celsius.


Log Samples

Check this box to log each data sample read from the TEMPer device to a disk file. This file will be in the install directory and named TEMPerSensor-nn-(hostname).log where nn is the internal object number of the Monitored Object. This number is always the same for each MO instance.


The frame encloses the alarm configuration items for each TEMPer device or TEMPerLAN probe in the Sensor list.



Check this box to enable monitoring of the selected item.


Current Temperature

This is the current temperature read from the monitored device/probe when the item is selected on the Sensor list.


Current Humidity

This is the current humidity read from the monitored device/probe when the item is selected on the Sensor list. This is only available when the selected item is a TEMPerHUM device.


Alarm Low

This is the low temperature/humidity threshold. Values below these levels will generate an alarm.


Alarm High

This is the high temperature/humidity threshold. Values above these levels will generate an alarm.



This is a +- correction to be applied to temperature/humidity values read from the device/probe before the values are checked against the alarm thresholds.



This is an optional name for the device/probe that will be used in place of the default identification of the device/probe used in alarm messages.


Alarm Object

Identifies the Alarm Object to be used for alarm notification when this monitored object generates an alarm. The drop down list shows all available Alarm Objects. An Alarm Object must be selected to perform paging, broadcasting or email of alarm events for this object.


Alarm Text

When an alarm is generated for an object, a default alarm notification message is issued. This message identifies the object and describes the alarm. You can override the default alarm message by entering custom alarm notification message text in this box. You can use substitution keywords in the message which will be expanded to their run time values when the message is generated. Keywords appear as [keyword] in the message text. The keywords you can use for this object are:




expands to the monitored object's type.


expands to the monitored object's unique identification string.


expands to the monitored object's unique identification string plus the target system.


expands to the monitored object's long description.


expands to the unique numeric identifier for the monitored object's current alarm event.


expands to the description of the device/probe that generated the current alarm.


expands to the formatted alarm message from the device/probe that generated the current alarm.


expands to the name of the device this MO is using.


expands to the TEMPerLAN probe ID string.


expands to the Alias of the device/probe that generated the current alarm.


expands to the temperature scale in use (F or C).


expands to the last temperature value read from the device/probe that generated the current alarm.


expands to the last humidity value read from the device/probe that generated the current alarm.


expands to the low temperature threshold value.


expands to the high temperature threshold value.


expands to the low humidity threshold value.


expands to the high humidity threshold value.


expands to the name/IP address of the PC hosting the CPL Agent (USB devices) or the TEMPerLAN device being monitored.


expands to the current date.


expands to the application name of "PageR".


expands to the name of this system.


When using any of the TEMPer devices supported by this MO, you do not need to install the software that comes with the device unless you wish to use it separately from PageR. Windows will automatically install the device drivers needed when you first connect a USB TEMPer device to the PC that will host it.

When using a USB based TEMPer device, you must install the CPL Agent service on that PC. Use the CPL Agent.msi file found in the PageR directory to install the agent on any PCs that will have a USB TEMPer device attached. The CPL Agent is not installed or updated automatically, you must install CPL Agent as needed. CPL Agent runs as a service and auto starts when Windows starts. You must start it manually after installation.

TEMPerLAN devices are accessed directly by PageR and do not require CPL Agent.

On a PC hosting USB based TEMPer devices, you may have at most  two devices attached to that PC. You can only attach one device of a single type to the PC. This means one TEMPer, TEMPer1 or TEMPerHUM device. You may attach one TEMPerHUM device and one other type of device for two devices total.

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