CPL Systems

From 1 Jan 2015 version 5.4.3 will replace all editions with the full UNLIMITED DATACENTER EDITION including ROOM ALERT monitored objects and SQL DATABASE REPORTING. This includes TWO licenses on each site so you can run backup copies.

Supporting multiple limited-editions of the software has become inefficient and is no longer economically viable. There will be no license charge for this upgrade which will apply to all Pager Enterprise users from 1 Jan 2015. On the next support renewal (up to a year away) DATACENTER support will apply.


On request, any time after 1 Jan 2015, you will be given a new license key for DATACENTER EDITION. Everything will continue to work as before with no changes. You will then have access to all the additional features and monitored objects in the DATACENTER EDITION of PageR Enterprise.

Additional Features in DATACENTER EDITION 

You have access to many more monitoring options in DATACENTER EDITION including DNS Check, Bandwidth Monitor, SQL Query, Syslog, TCP/UDP Services.

Datacenter Monitored Objects

There are over 20 additional monitored object types in DATACENTER EDITION


SQL Query

Host Process

Host Login

Host Volume


DNS Check

Bandwidth Monitor

Unix Syslog

TCP Services

UDP Services


The following ROOM ALERT monitored objects are included


Room Alert

Room Alert 2

Room Alert PLUS
Room Alert 3E

Room Alert 4E

Room Alert 7E

Room Alert 11E

Room Alert 24E

Room Alert 32E

Room Alert 26W


TemPageR 3E


EnvAlarm 2


The following UNIX and Legacy Server monitored objects are also included





Tru64 Unix

SUN Solaris

SCO Unix

Generic UNix





DATACENTER also includes a new advanced SMTP (email) CLIENT which supports secure SSL connections. 


In addition you get powerful DATA LOGGING to an SQL DATABASE with the ability to derive reports using CRYSTAL REPORTS. This allows comprehensive logging and reporting on what PageR Enterprise is doing over time.


More than 10 standard Database Reports are included but users can create their own report formats as required. This allows you to answer questions like "what are the most common problems we are having with the network over the last 6 months ?"


The new license will include 2 concurrent copies at the same site for backup/testing.


DATACENTER will be the only edition of PageR produced from 5.4.0 (released 1 AUG 14) and the  restricted editions will be discontinued. Supporting a unified single version will allow us to invest more resources in Pager Enterprise to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of monitoring technology.