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Easy Server, Network and Temperature device monitoring
 incl Room Alert, TemPager, Room Watch, TempAlert & more

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All Pager Enterprise licences are now UNLIMITED DATACENTER + 2 copies per site for backup, testing, cross-monitoring, disaster recovery etc.

Microsoft Surface Pro
PageR now supported on
Microsoft Surface Pro 5
and works with iPhone
Blackberry & Android

PageR also supports all IT Watchdogs and TempAlert monitoring devices.




CPL Systems have been developing software since 1984. It was our 30 year anniversary in 2014.

We have an excellent reputation for reliability in banking and manufacturing applications. We will continue to improve and enhance PageR Enterprise for the benefit of our highly valued

All users can now upgrade to UNLIMITED DATACENTER EDITION with ROOM ALERT monitored objects free of any additional license charges.

From 1 JAN 2015 all PageR licenses will be automatically upgraded to 5.4.3 UNLIMITED DATACENTER EDITION (2 copies) including Database Reporting and the ROOM ALERT monitored objects, free of additional license charges.

All limited-feature editions will be discontinued. PageR will continue to work exactly as before but you will now be able to access all its features.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a FREE tool from Microsoft for use with the MBSA Monitored Object in PageR Enterprise.


REMEMBER - only PageR Enterprise alerts you when the NETWORK is down, or email is down, or internet is down using a VOICE call or SMS TEXT DIALUP.

For technical info on setting up SMS TEXT or VOICE see FAQ.

SMS TEXT and VOICE allow you to contact someone over the regular phone system so you don't need the network, the internet or the email server to be working.

NEW PageR Device ManagerTM
Find Temperature Alert devices easily - download DEVICE MANAGER (FREE).


iMeter - Data Centre Power Monitoring (google iMeter Power)

PageR Enterprise now supports iMeter. The iMeter power monitoring system provides clip-around sensors which means you do not need to disconnect the power cables to begin monitoring instantly. Monitor power, voltage and current to servers, data cabinets etc with a direct connection to the ip network.

WEBCAM Monitored Object uses Axis 210 Camera

Available from Amazon.com

The Axis Webcam MO (Monitored Object) in PageR Enterprise utilises the popular Axis 210 webcam. This Monitored Object listens on the network for Motion Detection messages from Axis Video Cameras. Alarms are generated for motion detection. This Monitored Object can also capture video images from the Axis camera on a timed regular basis. This Monitored Object has been extensively tested with the Axis 210 network video camera but should work with any Axis network camera. Axis network cameras are readily available online from Amazon and many other sites.

TEMPer GOLD®- because room temperature monitoring isn't fast enough to protect your servers from overheating ! from $45 per device.
Server fans fail and the CPU overheats way before the room temperature monitor trips. Room temperature might be 70 but your servers could be frying ! TEMPer GOLD temperature monitor plugs directly into your server or bolts onto the case for instant temperature alerts.

TEMPer GOLD has its own free DESKTOP APP for graphing and email alerts. It also works with PageR Enterprise for data center reliability, alert escalation, failsafe backup and a host of features.
PageR Enterprise 5.3.2 now has voice control !

NEW - audio voice alerts to cell phones and landlines using a low cost usb voice modem. Features powerful Touchtone commands back to PageR from your telephone keypad to cancel an alert, suspend monitoring etc. more Now for the first time you have an easy feedback to PageR and positive contact from an alert can be guaranteed. The escalation of alerts by PageR can be automatically halted once a positive response is received. Its simple and reliable. 

Network Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
 Get PageR Enterprise UNLIMITED

See Release Notes for details.
If necessary use our 30 day license key 52637 to get started, then request a new license key.

Simply install the new PageR over your existing copies of PageR. All your current settings will be preserved intact and you can continue monitoring networks, servers and devices such as TEMPer GOLD, Avtech's Room Alert and TemPageR and others without interruption.


With UNLIMITED license you can now install 2 copies on the same site for backup or cross-monitoring. Check help/about to see your license type. All users on support now get a FREE UPGRADE to UNLIMITED DATACENTER (unlimited Monitored Objects). Request your new UNLIMITED DATACENTER license key here.

PageR Enterprise Monitored Objects +

PageR Enterprise Monitored Objects
PageR has over 100 Monitored Object types to allow any kind of monitoring of servers, networks, software, temperature, webcams and so on. Click the blue cross icon + in PageR to display them.

Each Monitored Object icon on the graphic to the left represents a different type of monitoring scenario. For example, Windows System MO allows you to check if Windows servers are 'up' and visible on the network.

Web Page MO allows you to check if specific web pages are up and responding correctly. Within each MO there are a number of further options to refine the monitoring. Its worth exploring these by opening up the MO icons and hitting F1 (context help) for more info.

PageR Enterprise has more FEATURES

PageR Enterprise has enormous benefits when it comes to monitoring multiple devices on the network. For example, it provides a single management point where all devices can be viewed and set up. Integrated reporting of temperature and other conditions is now possible. A single web page creates access to all networked devices being monitored as well as several management information tools such as our powerful, feature-rich SQL Reports Database.

PageR Alert Escalation Schedule
PageR Alert Escalation has rows and columns of contacts. It alerts a row at a time, so everyone on each row is alerted together. Then, on the next scan, if the problem is not resolved the next row down is alerted and so on. The escalation is halted when someone clears the alarm. You can have a different schedule for each monitored device.

PageR now has much more reliable alerting features. For example, as well as Alert Escalation we have automatic problem correction using 'TASK' objects, Global Quiet Times, Contact Quiet Times, and a wide choice of alerting methodology.

PageR can alert via phone (voice), cell phone (text), SMS, SNPP, modem dialout, pager (obviously), email, SKYPE, voice, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, network broadcast, external display hardware, WAV and other files through local speakers, and more.

You can have a backup copy of PageR running on a separate server for double reliability. Each copy monitors the other so you always know when anything goes wrong.

Data Logging to an SQL database and Crystal Reports is now included free in Datacenter Edition. PageR reports allows you to generate your own user-defined and pre-defined management reports. You can now easily answer important questions like "What servers had most downtime last month and why ?" and "How is downtime related to temperature variance ?" and so on.

PageR Enterprise® is a registered trade mark of CPL Systems
PageR Enterprise® software is a copyright ã 1997-2017 CPL Systems
PageR Device Manager is a trade mark of CPL Systems

CPL Systems aquires PageR Enterprise name and user base
CPL Systems originally developed PageR Enterprise and Room Alert for its US reseller Avtech Software Inc. using a software skin with Avtech's product name. On 1 August 2010 by signed legal agreement, CPL Systems took over all PageR Enterprise licenses and support worldwide (see Joint Statement) and transferred our Room Alert trade mark to Avtech. At 1 January 2011 all PageR Enterprise user licenses were terminated by CPL (see notice) and replaced with our standard software license terms and conditions, which can be viewed here